Used Processing Equipment

Most is used, some is new, and some was modified for specific uses which dissolved before delivery. All used equipment was working when inventoried and can be tested again if practical. Some prices are firm but some are ball-park for the sake of time so don’t be shy. If a price seems off-kilter just make an offer; the most important thing is to keep equipment in use.


Batch (Container) Hemp Dryers

~5000 lbs/8 hr shift, $80 k per unit, built in 2018. See more details here.



5000 lb x 1 lb floor scales with indicators.
Multiple conditions available;
$600 – $1650


5000 lb x 0.5 lb floor scales with indicators.
Multiple conditions available; $600-$1,250

Portable Floor & Truck Scale Ramps & Frames

Multiple used, $150 – $600

Loadometer On-The-Road Scales

Used & old, make offer

Liquid Pumps

Viking-Moyno Progressive Cavity Pump

Viking model 3-551-050-276, Moyno model L3 CDQ3 AAA / AM17299-3 AB.
Used, $150

Reliance Electric RPM XL with Metering Valve

Viking model SG40417AOU.
Used, make offer

ARO Diaphram Pump with Filter

2 in stock, used, $400 ea.

Magnets/Metal Removal

7″ x 12″ Bunting Rare Earth Plate Magnet

Serial #: PMN3512TXXU-04
Used, make offer

Bunting No-Spill Self-Cleaning Hopper Magnet

Ceramic magnets, used, $200

Bunting Low-Profile, Self-Cleaning Hopper Magnet

Ceramic magnes, Used, $150

Industrial Magnetics Inc. 210 lb Magnet

19″ rare earth magnets, used, $400


Electrol  Variable Speed DC Motor

1 HP, 1725 RPM, Frame: 56C
Serial #4747
Used, $50

Indiana Transmission Systems Motor

Model HQD-A-56C
Gear reduction ratio: 56.7 : 1
.74 HP
Like new, $300

Tigear Relialube Motor

Used, $50

Baldor Industrial Motor

Category number: M3542
.75 HP, 1725 rpm
Like new or lightly used, $100

Baldor Reliance Super-E Motor

Category number: EM3709T
7.5 HP, new or lightly used, $300

Teco Westinghouse Motor

Optim Texp 5 HP motor, phase 3, volts – 230/460, Amps – 12.5/6.25, 1745 rpm.
For harzardous conditions. Used, $150


TRD Bimba Pneumatic Cylinder

Category number: M3542
Stainless steel, Bore/Stroke 6×13
250 max psi, like new or lightly used, $150

Parker Cylinder Series 2H

Model 03.25-CBB2HLT18AC-23.500
Envelope Pressure: 3000 psi Hyd.
Used, $50

TRI Manufacturing Cylinder

Bore/Stroke 2.5” x 4”
250 PSI
Used, $50


Flowserve Automatic 3-Way Ball Valves (Automax)

Reject system for liquids, jellies, jams, beverages, slurries, etc.
2 Demos & 1 New: $250 – $300

Allen-Bradley SensaGuard Sensors

Non-contact interlock switches with large sensing range and tolerance for misalignment, including cables. Model number 440N-Z21S16B.
Multiple new & used: $60-$80

Rotolok Discharge Gate

Equipment #: 30510
Used, make offer

FSI Filter

150 max psi, 250 °F max temp, Model #: BFNP13 304SS, Serial NO 020499
Used, $150

K-Tron T-20 Feeder Screws

Teflon-coated precision feeder screws for T-20 feeders.

6 sets, $900 ea.

Kason 24″ Screen

Replacement shaker screen, checker 5# style.
Lighly used, $250

Pneumatic Fittings & Couplings

4.5″ – 6″
Used & New, make offer

Million LB Load Cells w/ Indicator

Used, $1500 each

Fasco Industrial Heater

250 BTU/Hr
Lightly used, make offer

Oden Filler with Waukesha Pump

This Oden filler was bought new and used once for a demonstration. Includes Waukesha pump piston filler (model 134). $20,000

Air Conditioners

APW McLean Air Conditioners

Model Pressure High Pressure Low Cooling Unit BTU
CR43-0826-081 515 psi 150 psi 8500 2490
CR29-0426-G084 350 psi 150 psi 3500/4000 1026/1172

Other models available as well. New & lightly used: $2000

Thermal Edge Inc. Air Conditioner

Model Pressure High Pressure Low Refridgerant BTU/H
NE040236 375 psi 188 psi R422d 4000
Max Temp H x W x D Voltage/Phase/HZ Running Amps
125°F 32″ x 11.8″ x 9.5″ 230/1/60 3.07

Other models available as well. New & lightly used: $2000

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