One-Size-Fits-All X-Ray Machines Don’t Exist.

Even within single product classes like canned goods, the varying contents (juice to mixed nuts) will require different machine specs or programming. This makes mass-producing machines and controlling cost very difficult.

The importance of customization on a case-by-case basis makes our capabilities very useful. In fact, nobody customizes x-ray equipment like we do (at least not that we know of.) And for good reason; doing so requires a lot of quality talent and resources. But the fact is you can’t have an ideal solution without it.

We Customize Almost Every Machine We Sell.

This is because x-ray machines are machines; they look for what they’re told to look for and nothing else. They can identify a torn package because they know what an intact one looks like. A machine looking for irregularities in candy bar size and shape will reject a perfectly good can of beans.

Inversely, they only know something is a contaminant if it lies within defined guidelines. A machine set to reject one set of densities (glass) will pass another set (pebbles) unless it’s told otherwise. And when you’re dealing with a product like nut bars, where these densities are all very similar, you need technicians who know what they’re┬ádoing.

And this is what sets us apart. No machine leaves our shop without being tuned and tested for its unique purpose. And if the application would be better served by a different tube, generator, detector, cooling system, or anything else, we swap it out. Then we send an experienced technician to set the machine up, oversee the initial runs, and train your personnel. Chances are, this is a distinctly different experience you’ll get from any distributor or rep you’ve heard of.

At the end of the day, we know our industry inside and out, we care about our customers’ processes in a real way, and we try to do what is best for everyone. And this is why we unreservedly say that when it comes to x-ray,

Eagle + ABM Is The Best Choice You Can Make.

Nearly every application in the processing industry is new in some ways, and old in others; you just never know what’s possible until you try. That’s why we encourage producers to come to us whether their problem is clearly defined or not. We love discovering, delivering, and sometimes creating possibilities.

Looking For Your Own Custom Solution?

We’re happy to go over your options, get you a quote, or point you in the right direction.