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Air Classifiers (Kemutec)

These air Classifiers from Kemutec mill product as finely as 5 μm and eject it when the desired size is reached. A type of vertical mill, Air Classifiers create the finest grinds possible. They accept product via augers or blowers and rotary valves, and mill it through grinding media and force against the grinding chamber walls. Configuration of the classifier and the grinding media can be easily swapped to get the best results for your product.
Motor Sizes Available
5 HP – 400 HP
Grind Sizes 20 μm – 5 μm
Made In USA

Benefits and Features

  • Tight particle size distribution
  • Unique side opening design makes it easy to clean
  • Easily adjustable particle size output


  • Temperature controlled and cryogenic grinding (see below)
  • Inert milling (see below)
  • Quench systems for explosion suppression
  • Burst panels for explosion relief
  • Explosion containment via 10 bar PSR

Temperature-Controlled Milling (+Cryogenic Milling)

Liquid nitrogen can be used to precisely control the temperature of product, which can protect it from degradation and improve efficiency. These temperatures can be held at cryogenic levels (as low as –150° C) for products that are difficult to mill at higher temperatures, need lower temperatures to reach finer grinds, or need further assurance against explosion.

Inert Milling

To protect against explosions, the Universal Mill can operate under vacuum to remove oxygen or have the oxygen replaced with inert gases like nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Ease-Of-Use Considerations

  • Hinged lid with interlocks for easy access to grinding chamber
  • Connections for quick-release pipes (pressure-capable)
  • Replaceable grinding pins and bars, hammers
  • Replaceable classifier wheels
  • Replaceable mill liners

Popular Applications


  • Grade 12X and 14X Powdered Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Ultra-Fine Flour

Pet Food


  • Dye Powders
  • Toner Powders
  • Dry Sorbent Powders
  • Talc


Mill guide by particle size

Operating principle