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Used Bulk Bag Filler For Sale

Very lightly used Taylor IBC 3000 bulk bag filler from the hemp industry with optional 10″ Salina knife gate and load cell or NTEP package.

  • Nominal Bag Weight: 2000 lbs.
  • Fill Accuracy: ± 3 lbs.
  • Filling stand, 3,000 pound bag weights and 2,000 lbs. of load bearing capacity for product bins.
  • Adjustable locking strap hangers for a wide range of bag diameters and strap configurations.
  • 8” Inlet stub connection, 4 inch vent flange, 12″ diameter outer spout with inflatable seal and two-way valve with pressure regulator.
  • Concentric fill spouts provide isolation for the weigh system, an air passage for dust collection and for inflator air for bag liners when applicable.
  • Optional bulk-dribble 10″ Salina knife gate designed for mounting to customer bin outlet above packer, downspout tube and flexible connection to interface to packer and isolate for platform scale weigh system.
  • Manual Bag strap and neck seal release.
  • Standard bag dimension is 35″ x 35″ x 52″ with 10″ straps.
  • Compressed air must be clean and dry. Operating temperature range is 32F to 110F.
  • 8” inlet gate in place of standard 6” gate.
  • Remote bag strap and neck seal release. Allows operator to release bag strap holders and neck seal with a single button at the control panel.
  • Lift Platform of carbon steel construction on two large air cylinders so the straps can be released and the bag lowered. Travel is adjustable up to 28”. Each cylinder is rated at 3,000 lbs. An equalizing cable system is provided to control the travel speed of each cylinder. Requires 90 – 100 lbs. PSI compressed air at 3 cubic feet per cycle.
  • Mounted on 84” x 60” x 4.1” 10,000 lb. x 2 lb. Scale with ZM406 Programmable Indicator for Slide Gate Control for bulk, dribble fill.
  • Made in the USA