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Dust Collection System

8,000 CFM Schenck Dust Collection System complete with a fire suppression system, control panel, ducting, and stainless steel contact points. Previously from the hemp industry, this baghouse is like-new with ~40 hrs. on it. Integration with your system is available.

Schenck Process

Model 120LVS100 (100 bag capacity)
Condition Like-new
Requirements 21 SCFM of 90-100 PSIG clean, dry air
Made In USA


1547.0 Sq. ft. of media with an air to media ratio of 5.2:1 @ 8,000 CFM
Fire suppression system
Backdraft damper
304 Stainless contact parts, carbon non-contact points
304 Stainless steel clean air plenum
Filter stressed for 17″ WC (1.25″ Hg) Vacuum
Exterior welds continuous where possible and cleaned free of weld slag and splatter
Product contact welds are continuous, ground smooth to CG80 grit finish, free of cracks/crevices
18″ x 60″ Hinged T-handle style housing access door
1-1/2″ Diaphragm Valves with 6″ diameter compressed gas header
NCC Timer and Goyen solenoid valves mounted and prewired in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure
Timer and enclosure voltage, 120VAC/1/60Hz
36″x45″ Service platform with guardrail, ladder, and safety gate
High entry inlet with internal baffles
30″ O.D. inlet, with 2″ wide flange, standard hole pattern

24″x48″ Rectangular flanged exhaust
60° hopper
Structural steel legs, standard leg height, to provide approximately 28″ clearance below hopper discharge flange
High level indicator, Bindicator paddle style, high temperature gasket
(2) 36″x36″ Rupture Panel Style Explosion Vent, 304 stainless steel
“Explosion vent sized and located per NFPA 68, with Kst value of 120.0 bar-m/s and
Pmax value of 9.5 bar (Kst and Pmax values supplied by Schenck Process based on a similar composition dust).”
Explosion vent burst sensor, shipped loose for field mount
“High temperature design for 351˚F to 500˚F (177˚C to 260˚C) Operating
Includes high-temp door gasket
Includes viton diaphragm valves
Includes hi-temp hose for purge pipe for exterior connections
Stainless steel bag clamps
Filter Location: Outdoors
High Temperature Epoxy Paint, RAL9003 Signal White
100 Cages – 6.2″Ø x 120″ OAL – Bottom load – 11 Ga. Bright
100 Filters – 6.2″Ø x 120″ 14 oz. Nomex Bags – Maximum temp of 375°F
2 ea. – Sprinkler Kit – Clean Air Plenum
2 ea. – 1-1/4″NPT Couplings in Hopper

Supporting Components

Baghouse Exhaust Fan

25 HP, 3600 RPM, 460V/60Hz/3PH, 284TS TEFC Motor
8,000 ACFM, 12″ WC SP, 21.6 BHP
Counterclockwise Up-blast CCW360 Orientation
1.5” NPT drain with plug
Maximum temperature: 350°F
Operating temperature: 200°F
Stainless Steel Silencer and Weatherhood

Explosion Isolation Gate (Optional)

Mechanical isolation of inlet airflow to filter
Heavy duty 304 Stainless steel construction
White FDA Silicone Gasket
Locking mechanism with Micro-switch for system shut down
Rated for ST1 Dusts