Edible Slurry Cookers

The edible cookers we offer are GMP-forward and FDA approved, easy to clean, and designed to protect active ingredients. Coming from the food industry and optimized for cannabis, these Baker Perkins units are the world’s leading solution for starchless edibles. They can be used with many different types of products, including gummies, and bring a number of built-in efficiencies which significantly reduce costs in the long-run.

The cooking skids are broken into two categories. The Continuous Cooker is the most efficient and cost-effective option in a raw pieces-per-dollar comparison. However, because the State has placed certain demands on traceability, many producers find it easier to comply with Batch Cookers. The batch cookers do not produce any fewer pieces per hour because it keeps the depositor fed at all times; the difference in efficiency lies in up-front costs and labor.

Baker Perkins offers a robust interface and automation package which we can compliment with our DSO Software for connectivity and traceability needs.