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Used Ethanol Chiller For Sale

The Solvent Blaster from C1D1 Labs is "both a quick and efficient way of chilling ethanol from room temperature down to -40C/F. This can be used to expedite the process of winterization, or as the primary chilling solution for an extraction system . This solvent blaster was designed to quickly bring down ethanol to -40C without requiring massive electrical draw. This unit runs off of 15 amps with a 120V control panel. With a flow rate of up to 200 gallons per hour, we can find chilling solutions for any sized extraction lab. By combining the best of both mechanical chilling and liquid nitrogen, C1D1 Labs is able to minimize consumption of consumables and accurately control the temperature of your solvent. Each unit comes standard with an explosion proof control panel, explosion proof pump, variable frequency drive, and an engineer peer review for certification."



Like-New, <100 hrs

Make C1D1
Model Solvent Blaster
Min. Temp –40C
Price $20,000