Used Filtration Skid For Sale

According to C1D1's site: "By using a combination of 100, 10, and 1 micron filter bags we are able to use the 100 and 10 micron filter bags to filter a percentage of particulates before reaching the expensive 1 micron filter bag. This phased out model of filtration will end up minimizing consumption and increasing profitability. We take this same model of conservation and apply it to the 5 micron carbon fiber lenticular filter. By removing the fats and lipids at 1 micron before attempting to remove the dark color of your solution, our clients are able to minimize the cost of carbon filter.
Condition Like-New, <100 hrs.
Make C1D1
Model 2-column inline
Price $7,000
filtration skid from c1d1

“This filter skid was personally designed by the founder and the team of engineers inside of our warehouse in Carson City, NV. We are one of the few cannabis engineering firms that focus on A to Z solutions. This is why process piping has become such a niche service that we offer. This understanding of the solvent movement has allowed us to create a pump that is very efficient. We have found a -40c stainless steel cryogenic diaphragm pump that runs 42 gpm and pre-installed a regulator and pulse reducer. This pump is connected to a sanitary hose which connects to the first filter, stainless sanitary piping connects the rest of the housings. We have options with (2) filter housing or (3) filter housings. I prefer the three filter housing option because it reduces the cost of the 1 micron filter and overall consumption cost for production. Each of these filter housings have independent drains which aid for clean in place SOPs. We love to engineer the manifolds for the entire front end of your processing line right from the pump on this system, which is why we have built a frame for you to do this when it arrives. Finally, we have created custom neoprene jackets to keep solvent cold during filtration.”