Hemp extraction

From milling to distillation, ABM helps producers scale their processes with consistent, profitable systems. ABM builds, sources, and sells current best solutions with system design, integration, and 24/7 emergency service.

Equipment & Service

ABM Equipment builds, customizes, and services a select number of pieces used in extraction. In order to provide processors with the single point of contact our customers expect, we’ve teamed up with experts who focus solely on the design and integration of extraction systems. Together we offer complete systems from whole, wet plants through all sorts of final products including some edibles.

Hemp Primary Extractors

Primary Extractors

Primary extractors mix biomass with solvent to extract desired materials from the plant. We offer a number of solutions for various solvents and processing methods, batch or continuous flow up to 3,275 dry lbs/hr/unit.

Falling Film Evaporators

Falling Film Evaporators

We manufacture and distribute the most efficient falling film on the market, Yellowstone’s. With numerous efficiency-boosting features, they require no chiller and recover 80 gal/hour at 99% efficiency.

Hemp Sorter, or Ice-Hash Screener Depending On Configuration

Ice Hash Machines

Specially-designed vibratory screeners use low temperatures and attrition to remove and collect in-tact trichomes from cannabis.

Hemp Mills

Hemp Mills

Various mill configurations are available up to 10,000 lbs/hr; pelletization, VOC reclaimation, and dust control.

Hemp Filters

Lenticular Filters

From keeping foreign material out of your FFE to screening extra lipids and waxes, our various filtration solutions accommodate many uses. High-throughput, low-energy, and easy-change models available.

Hemp Wiped Film Evaporator

Wiped Film Evaporators

From single-phase refinement to double, our wiped film distillation equipment is extremely precise, efficient, and modular.

40+ Years' Experience

ABM Equipment has been optimizing & integrating bulk biomass processing systems for over 40 years. ABM has implemented and researched bulk drying & handling solutions for producers and co-ops in the hemp space since legalization.

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