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Hemp Falling Film Evaporators

  • Industrial Scale – High throughput falling film system
  • Efficient – Designed with operating expenses in mind
  • Continuous Flow – Produces lean, solvent-free product
  • Automated – Fully automated suite
  • cGMP – Forward compliant design
  • Turn-key Installation – Comprehensive project team
  • Base Model 750 kg/hr – Custom designs for nearly any process

ABM Equipment partners with SciPhy to deliver complete soil-to-oil systems that perform – without coordinating numerous suppliers & contractors. Questions about anything between extraction and distillation can be answered either here or at

The Nebula Series Solvent Recovery Falling Film Evaporator System Skid is designed for efficiency, control, and superlative product creation. Starting with our base model at 750L/hr throughput, the Nebula brings effective solvent recovery technology with batch distillation and the option for in line decarboxylation to facilities at industrial scales. Operators will successfully remove solvent to residual ppm levels with equipment designed for C1D1/2 compliance and integration into their GMP facilities. These systems are supported by automated integrations that minimize handling time and provide complete control over parameters.

SciPhy’s systems scale to your unique process, with custom designs for up to 10,000L/hr+ of evaporation. They specialize in integrating these pieces with complete systems, providing end-to-end equipment provisioning and bringing it all together with world class turnkey installation support.