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Delta 9 Removal System (Used)

We’re selling a very lightly-used REM Tech D970L THC remediation system for half price, $250k.
The D970L is a software-driven THC remediation system capable of large throughput with minimal consumable cost, low operating cost, and simple installation.


240V, 30A, NEMA L14-30R, Single Phase


8' H x 10' L x 3' W

Network Requirement

Ultra-steady WiFi 24/7

Ideal Input Material:

  • Winterized & Decarbed Crude
  • Ideal Cannabinoid Potency: High 60’s – High 70’s
  • Ideal THC ranges under 7%. Sweet Spot 1-3%
  • Min. Load Capacity: 40 Liters at a time
  • Max Load Capacity: 70 Liters at a time


  • Minors can stay intact
  • Fast Runtime per batch** Normally 12 – 24 hours
  • No Solvents Used
  • Operational Expertise can be Entry Level Employees
  • Full Customer Support
  • Install + Training Included Through First Completed Run
  • Can Maintain Whole Plant Philosophy If Desired.

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