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Edible Depositor

The ServoForm™ Mini is a starchless depositor developed specifically for cannabis that brings precise, accurate, and automated dosing to the industry. It is part of a full line in the final stages of development which will be available on our site shortly. Starchless depositing has many advantages over other forming methods. It creates edibles of uniform size, shape, and weight, with a glossy finish and no sharp edges or air bubbles; this produces a smooth, high quality “mouthfeel”. The process is ideal for any kind of edible including jellies, gums, hard candies, lollipops, toffees, fudges and fondants. The ServoForm Mini efficiently adapts to these products simply by changing the mold. Two colors or flavors may be combined as stripes, layers, or center-fills with the added option of using a softer filling. With no starch involved, the process is extremely hygienic, which makes it ideal for low volume functional, medicated, and pharmaceutical products alike.

Product Types

Gummies, Jellies, Chocolates, Toffees, etc.

Product Weights

2 gram – 16 gram units

Made In


Cooking can be with a manual or semi-automatic batch process or a fully automatic continuous process. Once transferred to the hopper, the syrup is kept at optimum temperature by a thermo-statically controlled heating system. The ServoForm Mini uses a servo motor to drive a series of miniature pumps that deposit a precise amount of candy syrup into each individual mold. The process is highly efficient, with rapid start-up and low scrap rate. Molds are loaded and unloaded by hand, but conveyed through the depositor on an indexed chain to ensure perfect synchronization with the depositing mechanism.

The depositor’s movement may be adjusted by the operator during production to fine-tune the timing or weight of the edible. If there is no mold present, the circuit accelerates to bring the next one into position. If the gap is too large, depositing is paused until the mold is present, ensuring near-zero waste. After being removed from the machine, the candy is cooled in the molds before being ejected for wrapping and packaging.

The hopper is cleaned by pumping hot water through and into the collection vessel beneath.

As with all products we sell, support continues through on-site training and ongoing assistance with process questions and developments. For customers wanting to make small batches of high quality edibles with simple, efficient, and flexible machines, we highly recommend this unit. Give us call or send a form to see if we can help automate your production line.

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