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Hemp Mills

Mills are needed to increase the exposed surface area of incoming biomass, as needed for your primary extractor. Because of hemp’s tendency to clog screens, they should only be used with dry material and should be paired with forced air to remove dust and keep the screens clean. (For particle size reduction before drying, use shredders. External pneumatic systems can be used for this purpose, with the extra air being used to convey ground hemp from the mill to extractor or storage. Additionally, they can be fitted with built-on blowers which also feature terp-traps for VOC reclamation. Hammer mills are far-and-away the most effective type of mills for cannabis.


100 – 50,000 lbs/hr

Motor Sizes

3 – 400 HP

Screen Sizes

1/32 – 1"

Screen Area

476 – 5280"

No. of Hammers

15 – 112


38L x 31W x 35H – 115L x 68W x 81H"


1 Year

Made In



500 – 10,000 lbs.

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