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Hemp Separators

Hemp separators are placed after the dryer to separate the stalks and stems from the bud. Because bucking is too tedious for large-scale operation, it’s much more efficient to grind everything together and separate it once dry. These separators are incredibly resilient, easy to use, and come with hardware to accommodate changing biomass properties. ABM provides turn-key integration, fine-tuning, and full support for any equipment provided.

Product Details

Hemp separators operate by flowing hemp over gently vibrating, circular screens; this causes stalks to move toward the outside of the unit and be discharged while the material containing CBD falls through the screen to be conveyed into the sifter. The alternating, multi-plane inertial vibration patterns maximize throughput by reducing dwell-time and keeping biomass from getting stuck. These single-deck vibratory sifters have very high strength-to-weight ratios, are extremely reliable, and come with several sizes of screens for use with different harvests and shredder settings. Available in sizes from 18” to over 8’, they’re capable of handling as much product as our dryers can feed them. The thoroughly-engineered design and components facilitate easy cleaning, but the units can optionally come clean-in-place.

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