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Hemp Shredders

Our high-throughput, super-sturdy hemp shredders come with variable controls and last forever. They are superior to mills for wet hemp because the material (especially the stalks) clog the screens and get everywhere in general. Mills also compact the product more, making the drying process less efficient. ABM provides turn-key integration and 24/7 emergency support for all components and systems in our wheelhouse.


150 lbs/hr


225 lbs/hr


300 lbs/hr


1500 lbs/hr


3000 lbs/hr


4500 lbs/hr


6000 lbs/hr


8000 lbs/hr

Product Details

Homogenized product is essential for any bulk drying application to function efficiently. Shredding expedites the process via increased surface area and allows hemp to dry evenly, which helps avoid over-drying and wet spots that could retain heat and cause mold or other issues throughout production.

A good rule of thumb for shredders (and mills alike) is to buy by weight, and these shredders are STURDY. It’s often tempting to skimp when it comes to shredders and mills, but they’re always worth it if you have the capital or favorable capital rates rates. Cheaper versions quickly become more expensive when you’re constantly adjusting them and need to pay for repetitious repairs. ABM supports clients in all forms of service, including mill and shredder repairs, but it’s not cost-effective because down-time can be extremely expensive.

Standard Inclusions

  • Infeed Hopper (Pass-Through, Not Storage)
  • Discharge Transition to incline auger
  • PLC Logic Control w/ Reversing Motor Starter

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