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Rolled Film Evaporators

  • 1–3 Column Skids
  • 5–60 LPH
  • Made In The USA
  • Full-Auto Available
  • GMP-Forward
  • Install, Training, & Support

InCon’s rolled film evaporators are the industry standard for distillation. With a number of unique features and economies of scale by the manufacturer, it is also the lowest cost-per liter solution made in the US. With several vacuum and interface options—including full-auto—InCon’s rolled film distillation skids are the best solution for nearly any SOP. Rolled film evaporators use stainless rollers instead of their PFTE-wiper predecessors, significantly increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance.


Column Surface Area
0.2m2 1 or 2-Stage | 5-20 LPH
0.6m2 1, 2, or 3-Stage | 10-60 LPH

Dry Diaphragm | 1.5 Torr
Rotary Vane | 4 x 10-3 Torr
Roots Blower | +191 CFM

HMI | Manual/direct control
PLC | Remote/outboard control
PLCA | PLC w/ full-auto & recipes

Cold Traps
-30°C to -50°C
-60° C to -80°C

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