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ABM is proud to announce the first terpene extractor that yields full-spectrum, pure terpene profiles at scale. Currently in the final stages of development with Marion and some of our key customers, we’re looking to partner with a few early adopters with a love for detecting and pursuing mechanical opportunities for improvement. Reach out through the form below for more information.

Achieving cannabis products with appealing/true-to-plant terpene profiles has been a trade-off between quality and scalability since legalization. By using controlled microwaves in a fluidized environment, we’ve been able to scale up the solvent-less, full-spectrum results previously only achievable in the lab.


Pure, clear distillate can be produced at scale, but not without losing most of the terpenes. Terpenes can be extracted from other plants and reintroduced to the distillate in an effort to produce a specific effect, but never accurately, and never in a manner that competes with the “entourage effect” of nature.

Articles abound on different terpenes and their effects – “Limonene lifts you up”, and “Linalool keeps you calm”, and we have this information to a degree because we’ve tried to harness them, but this is largely speculation… and misleading. We (the scientific community at large) aren’t even close to understanding the terpenes found in cannabis and how they interact. Their interaction is so complex, involving so many factors, that the best we’ll be able to do in the next few decades is grow quality plant and preserve the natural profiles.

While collecting ALL the natural terpenes is impossible because they start disintegrating upon harvest, we can capture every terpene class with evaporation points above ambient temperatures at harvest.


While other methods exist to capture terpenes, they involve solvents. And even with CO2—the next best thing—there is residue left in the solution, which is indicated by the discoloration shown in the image. Slowly heating the plant from within causes moisture already inside the flower to act as a carrier for the terpenes. The terpenes are then condensed and collected, pure and free of contaminants.


Labs have been using microwaves to extract terpenes in a controlled environment for some time. Though the microwaves are much more controlled, existing solutions are not much bigger than household microwaves, some even available with turntables. In contrast, Marion’s WaveMix—the heating mechanism for the new solution—is available in up to 600 cubic foot vessels. The patented agitation component along with the airtight design allow hemp to be heated evenly throughout, at large volumes, without loss of terpenes.



Whereas convective (hot air) methods heat cannabis from the outside-in, microwaves heat an entire bud to a precise temperature both instantaneously and throughout. This prevents burning and ensures accuracy. The TXM terpene extractor heats hemp very slowly and consistently, evaporating each terpene class as it reaches temperature, then condensing it back into a liquid. By creating a fluidized environment with specialized mixing paddles, the TXM series allows microwaves to be used more accurately in larger vessels and batches.

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