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Schenck Rotary Valve

Rotary valves, also known as rotary airlocks, control the flow of product from an atmospheric feeder or container into a pneumatic, or vacuum-driven conveying system.

This rotary valve from Schenck comes from the hemp industry and has been used for roughly 40 hours.



Make Schenck Process
Model MD40
Made In USA


Cast 304 stainless steel housing and endplates
Flanged housing with 10″ sq. inlet and 10-1/2″ sq. discharge
Outboard sealed bearings
Stainless steel sleeve TS4 shaft seals for high temp application
Endplates tapped with plug for seal air purge port
“8-vane open end 304 stainless steel rotor with:
Fixed relieved 1/8″ land rotor tips
Class II (0.008″ to 0.011″) rotor tip clearance”
Drive #55 with right angle c-face reducer
3/4 HP TEFC premium efficiency motor
Motor voltage and frequency: 230/460/3/60Hz
Rotor speed: 12 RPM
Plastic drive guard cover with carbon steel back
High Temperature Epoxy Paint, RAL9003 Signal White (Drive mount only)
Product Temperature Rating: 300° F