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Brewery Bulk Bag Unloaders

Super-Sturdy, No Extra Frills

Bulk bag unloaders house super sacks in-line, allowing them to dose efficiently without jamming. Among the many types we provide, our brewery BBUs are optimized for the grains used in breweries & distilleries.


Made for the brewing & distilling spaces, our BBUs are particularly strong and take abuse on the chin.


Washdown, brand-consistent, or low-profile, we can accommodate virtually any unique needs.


Our bulk bag unloaders require minimal install time, help save money on grain, and reduce labor costs.


The well-sealed, closed systems greatly reduce dust generation when compared to bagged malt.

Built for the brewing industry, the ABM bulk bag unloader is much more rugged than other offerings and uses a simple slide gate to control flow. Several options are available for height, environment, and access restrictions.

Standard Specs

Low-Profile (<12′ OAH)
Forklift-Style Loading
Super Sack Strap Hooks
Powder-Coated Carbon Steel
3″ Frame
3’x3′ Receiving Hopper
Bag Support Pan


Hoist & Trolley (For Space-Restricted Applications)
5 cu. ft. Receiving Hopper
Access Door, Dust Collection Port, Slide Gate
15-7/8″ Lexan Transition To Flex Auger
Adjustable Stand For Varying Bag Height
Loss-In-Weight Scale Package
Stainless Frame

Brewery Bulk Bag Unloader