Processing Equipment Analytics Software

Bring Intelligence to your process With DSO SEntinel

DSO Sentinel gathers every data-point that you want to capture across your production line. Custom dashboards, auto-generated reports, and other tools are provided to help OPS managers truly understand and optimize their systems. DSO can integrate with any PLC or equipment including OPC servers such as Allen Bradley and Phoenix Contact.


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DSO Sentinel

Core Functions

Data Consolidation

Capture ALL the outputs of ALL your equipment

Custom Dashboards

Give each manager the visual data representations THEY need to see.

Periodic Reports

Have the previous days’/shifts’ report in your managers’ inbox by the time they get in.


Notify personnel of abnormal events visually on the floor and get real-time alerts sent to managers remotely.

Equipment Control

Control all your equipment remotely.

DSO Sentinel is a premiere analytics platform with solutions for producers of any size. With both cloud and local instances for maximum security, DSO helps your Operations team maximize their systems and catch issues in real-time.

X-Ray Enhancements

Originally built for product inspection, DSO is superior to manufacturers’ analytics software and works with every widely-used make.


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Validation Logger

Operators can log date, time, contaminant type, and pass/fail by scanning a card and putting it in a live run.

Profile Switcher

[Eagle-Only] Product-specific machine settings are activated by scanning a bar code.

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Settings Tracker

Always know when a setting is changed, by who, and its orgin and destination.


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Rework Assistant

Add a screen to your reject area so personnel can see the contaminant location in bulk product.


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Product Tracer

Log ingredient/supplier changes via barcode and track their performance in a filterable environment.


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Image Viewer

Store and view product inspection images forever, and view them  in a native module.


Custom functionalities & implementations


Obvious, clean interfaces that don’t require weeks of onboarding


Searchable, shareable, and exportable functions that encourage use


Troubleshooting, team help, and installs can usually be done remotely

Streamline Customer Audits

DSO can gather data from any machine, and has a place in every processing line. But there are also common pains DSO has been built upon to alleviate—primarily buyer audits.