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Partners & Suppliers

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers for each processing application and provide application-specific customizations. Below is a list of our partners and other most commonly used suppliers.


Milling, Conveying, & Processing Equipment

Schenck was founded in 1881 and is now a global leader in measuring and process technology. They specialize in screening & separation, filtration, process controls, and conveying solutions. Applications for their equipment range from pharmaceuticals and food to industrial, mining, and many others.

Meat Grinding, Portioning, & Packing

Famous for their equipments’ effectiveness and longevity, Hollymatic makes the most popular Patty Portioners and Mixer/Grinders in the industry. Though their equipment is used for a variety of products, they’re most commonly used for meat. See Hollymatic equipment here.

Low-Temperature Mills (Whole Grains)

Started back in 1900, Engsko is widely accepted as the world leader in low-temperature milling solutions, most popular among whole grain processors. From stone to metal disks, Engsko has a number of solutions for every related process and size of operation. See Engsko equipment here.

X-Ray Product Inspection

Another frontrunner in their industry, Eagle Product Inspection’s machines are known for their ruggedness and for being the first to use x-ray to determine mass and fat content. Learn how the new PXT solution can detect the smallest contaminants in the industry here.

Silos & Large Vessels

One of the most trusted tank manufacturers in the Americas, Meridian delivers extremely high-quality tanks in virtually any configuration of shape, materials, and features.

Horizontal Fill-Seal Packagers

Like their sister company, Hollymatic, Rollstock is equally well known in their sector for their machines reliability, lifespan, and broad configurations which can fit most applications. Click here to see Rollstock’s equipment models.

Level Indicators

With the industry’s best combination of models, features, accuracy, reliability, and price, BinMaster is our preferred manufacturer of level indicators. See popular level indicators here.


With a wide selection of mills available for nearly every product and application, Kemutec is trusted by thousands of producers. Click here to see Kemutec’s mills.

Scales, Balances, & Analysers

Ohaus is a clear leader in the global weighing industry. With over 100 years of continuous development, Ohaus has acquired a markedly expansive, deep, and well-regarded catalogue of products. The varying styles, features, and accessories for each scale family is also a great help when finding the perfect fit for an application.


Filling, Sealing, and Weighing

Bunting Logo

Magnets & Magnetic Conveyors

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Sifters & Screeners

Sifters & Screeners

Minebea Intec Logo

Metal Detection & Process Weighing Solutions

Bulk Packaging & Handling

scansource scales

Rigging and tensioning measurement sensors

western scale
Custom load sensors (actuation, hanging, and lateral tension/compression measurements)
A&D Weighing

Cannabis bench & lab balances, process load cells, controllers, tank & hoppers, NEMA & IP-rated corrosion resistance applications

Truck, livestock, and mining scales, specifically for applications in the northwest.

minebea scales
Cost-efficient part solutions (load cells, cables, Junction boxes, electronic boards, etc.) as well as full checkweighing solutions
befour scales
Bench scales, compact bench scales, medium to heavy industrial floor scales, and lab balances, pH meters, centrifuges, moisture analyzers, and micro analyzers
Specialty floor scales, truck scales, and particular scaling applications
Sartorius-manufactured lab balances, moisture analyzers, etc.
cas scales
Check-weighing bench scales, truck scale indicators & software, tank & hopper scales
scansource scales
Veterinary Scales
interface force measuring
Retail, crane, hanging, and pallet-jack scales
loadman on-board weighing
On-board vehicle scales for forklifts, dumpers, tippers, tractors, and trailers
Tanita scales
Cannabis lab, hanging, and bench scales, and POS & software solutions
rice lake weighing systems
Truck Scale scoreboards and lighting trees
scansource scales
Printers, consumables, and cable connectors
straight point solutions
Economical solutions for deli cases, retail scales, and produce scales
quality control services
Scoreboards and sports scales
tor rey electronics
Indicators and cables

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