Auto-Pulse Bag Dump Stations

In a closed process where silos and bulk bag unloaders are feeding pneumatic or tubular drag conveyors, operators need a way to add bags of ingredients to the system. Bag dump stations provide a convenient, safe way to introduce product to closed systems. Auto-pulse bag dump stations pull air in when bags are being dumped to control dust, and then automatically discharge product from the filter when it is no longer being added. ABM Equipment’s auto-pulse bag dump stations has a unique mix of features that reduce wasted product and labor.


Integrated Dust Collection

Integrated dust collectors ensure that particles from manual dumping don’t get into the air and on your facility floor. This makes breathing easier, reduces risk of slipping, and—depending on the application—will reduce explosion risk or attraction of pests.


The default configuration of the ABM bag dump station is an internal jet dust collector which pulls air when the operator opens the door, and jet-pulses the filter when the door is closed. This returns the ingredients caught on the filter back into the process after every dump and spares the operator having to stop and push buttons.

Tool-Less Grate Removal

Coming in a number of configurations—depending on ingredients’ tendency to bridge and the types of objects at risk of falling into the system—our grates nest securely but freely, letting operators remove them quickly when needed. 


Each spec. will be optimized for your application so the height is most convenient, the slope prevents bridging while being as gentle as needed, and the


  • Height/footprint
  • Slope (to be as gentle as possible without risking bridging product.
  • Explosion-proof/standard
  • External/internal dust collector
  • Filter type
  • Material (Carbon or Stainless)
  • Finish (#2, #4, or mirror)

Integration Options

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Cyclone Dust Collectors

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