Specialty Hoppers

Specialty hoppers for brewers; as with all of our brewery grain handling solutions, they come made-to-order with turn-key integration & service.

Specialty hoppers are placed in-line with silos and bulk bag unloaders to allow brewers to add specialty malt to closed conveying lines. They can be integrated with a dust collection system if you’re using one, otherwise can simply have a dust sock over the out-port.

Standard outlets are 4″ in diameter, which is plenty for most applications. Outlets can be stepped up to 6″ when using pre-milled malt (which tends to bridge) or when greater flow is required.

Most commonly made with powder-coated carbon steel, our specialty hoppers are available in stainless wash-down options for placement near brewing tanks.

Specialty hoppers can be as big as needed, but they commonly come in 150-170 lbs capacities to allow addition of 3 bags at a time. Every specialty hopper comes with a 2″ dust port for attachment of dust collection systems (or a dust sock), a grate to catch the occasional screw-driver or key-chain that wants to see what’s going on in your mill, and a heavy door to control dust.

Specialty hoppers can be made in any color or shape and can be outfitted with pneumatic gates so you can pre-load recipes. The gate is self-compressing and plugs into a standard 110 AC/DC connection.

Sometimes specialty hoppers can be avoided if your mill’s hatch is easily accessible and all the grains you’re going to want are available un-milled, but it can be a hassle to coordinate your dump with the milling schedule. Specialty hoppers provide a convenient place to dump your specialty and forget about it.

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