Herb Conveyors

As with all equipment that touches herbs, even shredders, herb conveyors must be as gentle as practicality allows. A certain level of destruction is necessary for any competitive process, but reducing this effect whenever possible throughout a line will increase yields and efficiency.

Trough belt conveyors are generally best for un-shredded and wet herb because they’re easy to clean and fibrous stalks can bind in augers and screw conveyors. And because herb biomass agglomerates and does not roll easily, belt conveyors can be inclined up to 30°.

When conveying dry, shredded product up slopes, screw conveyors are best for short runs and tubular drag conveyors are best for long runs. Although chain disks’ capacity for herb maxes out around 150 lbs. of dried flower per minute, they can run over 2,000 feet and around 24 turns from a single drive. They can also accommodate as many inlets and outlets as needed.
Although the narrow, enclosed augers are often thought of as an alternative, we only recommend them under special circumstances because of the inherent friction involved.

As with most applications, every herb system is unique and will have its own needs. Cleated belt conveyors can be used for particularly steep inclines and pneumatics are a good solution for moving product post-dry, especially when air is already available in the system from clearing a mill. We offer numerous configurations and options to accommodate any layout and provide 24/7 service and support as we do with all our equipment.

Conveyors can be controlled manually with panels, but because feed rate is so important for consistent drying, it’s best to use weighbelts to meter the herb automatically.

Standard Belt Conveyor Inclusions

  • Support legs as required to reach maximum 30° incline
  • Mild, painted steel
  • 2HP motor
  • Inlet hopper to guide incoming herb
  • Product guide on conveyor
  • Bar guide weir to maintain product depth

Standard Screw Conveyor Inclusions

  • U-trough bolt-on cover
  • Support legs required to support incline
  • 1HP inverter-duty motor with shaft-mounted reducer
  • UHMW Liner