Scale Packages

High-accuracy, low-maintenance weighing of any number of grain sources from a single point. As with all of our grain and malt handling solutions, they come made-to-order with turn-key installation and many options.


Thick, high-grade steel and load cells last and maintain accuracy.


10x more accurate than the industry standard (0.5% variance vs 5%).


The single-point batching system saves money, space, and time.


Modular designs are capable of interfacing virtually infinite inputs.

Recipe memory

Programmable displays remember virtually infinite recipes.

Low Dust

Well-sealed, closed connections reduce or eliminate dust.

The ABM Equipment Scale Package offers a premium solution for weighing infeeds from various sources like silos, bulk bag unloaders, and specialty hoppers, accurately in 100-pound increments. This streamlines inventory management, tracks grain flow, and automates recipe execution with simple, practical functionality. It also saves you from having to weigh each in-feed separately, and greatly improves accuracy by averaging all actual weights and correcting them with the final batch. It’s distinguished by its reliability, precision, and use of C++ coding, which ensures ongoing support and flexibility.

Each unit is built to include any features or specifications you want and including seamless integration and calibration for immediate use.

Standard Features:

  • Durable 3″ x 3″ powder-coated carbon steel frame.
  • Accommodations for auger/chain disk, junction box, and either dust collection system or sock.
  • Remote relay output box for extended control.
  • An open design that ensures easy access to any piece of equipment.
  • Stainless steel discharge for longevity.
  • Preassembled with 3 S-Type load cells for immediate accuracy.
  • A programmable controller that allows for endless input and recipe storage, tailoring to diverse production needs.

Customization Options:

  • Adjustable footprint and height to fit various spaces.
  • A selection of custom colors or paint finishes.
  • Stainless steel construction for enhanced durability.
  • Mill for additional processing capabilities.
  • Specialty hopper for unique requirements.
  • Grist case for specific grain handling needs.

The scale package is designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customization.