X-Ray Inspection Services

Don’t have an x-ray machine but still need to find contaminated product? Send batches in for screening or rent a machine and a technician to train your staff. Our currently unmatched combination of hardware and software can provide the most reliable and trackable results in the industry.


We can find most physical contaminants in most packaging types.


30 machines in stock, 24/7 emergency service, and responsive technicians.


Our reporting software provides analytics and proof of inspection.

Food Processing X-Ray Rental Fleet

X-Ray Rentals

If you have the space and manpower but not the x-ray capacity to inspect a compromised batch, we can rent x-ray machines out to meet increased demand. With 20-30 machines in stock, we’re able to supply a high-performing solution for nearly any application without applying added time pressures. We can deploy a technician to ensure the inspection is handled quickly and efficiently.

Depending on location and urgency, machines and technicians can arrive within days.

Third-Party Inspection Services

If you don’t have the space, time, or manpower to find and remove contaminated food from your batches, we can receive your product in-house. Having an outside firm clear your batches has the added benefit of utilizing expert technicians. Having seen hundreds of different products and applications, our technicians can quickly inspect a large amount of product with a high degree of precision.

Depending on location and urgency, inspection of your batch can begin within a day of its arrival at our facility in Vancouver, WA.

Technician testing X-Ray

Avoid a Recall

Product recalls cost more than just money. Customer safety and brand reputation are also on the line. We can help you ensure that contaminated product doesn’t make it to market.

Recover Compromised Product

Whether due to a customer complaint or suspicion that product has been compromised, affected batches often take up space in quarantine until they spoil. Loss of production time, product, and space take their toll on your bottom line, especially if it’s made it to final packaging. By using x-ray, you can confidently and non-destructively clear product for sale.

For bulk product, our software can also show operators the contaminant’s location within the product. This allows them to quickly remove it and put good product back into the line.


What contaminants can you find?

X-ray inspection systems can find physical contaminants which have densities that vary enough from the product, regardless of packaging. This includes but is not limited to: metal (ferrous & nonferrous), glass, stone/rock, bone, and sometimes plastics and rubbers.

What kind of products can you inspect with x-ray?

Virtually any product in any type of packaging is inspectable with x-ray to very tight specifications, including glass and metal.

Why X-ray?

X-ray inspection finds more than just metal. It’s incredibly safe and can find multiple contaminants as well as perform other quality checks such as package integrity, weight, and item count if needed. X-ray also performs better than metal detector in most applications and is not thrown off by frozen or thawing foods.

What's the turnaround time?

As soon as the product parameters are set-up on the x-ray machine, inspection can begin. We have enough staff on-hand to handle large jobs quickly, and they can be supplemented with your own on-site to speed things up even more!

How do we know you actually found the contaminant(s)?

Not only do we have some of the current-best equipment on the market, we also have the best software. A detailed report of the inspection including all data and analytics, as well as x-ray inspection images if desired.

Which X-Ray Systems Do You Use?

We use Eagle PI’s systems, and we are their principal distributor. And this is not by chance. Originally called Smiths Detection, Eagle was the first well-known company to develop x-ray for food, they were the first to use x-ray for metrics like product weight, fat analysis, and item count, and the first to use multi-layer imaging to distinguish contaminants in “messy” images (called MDX). And now, again in partnership with ABM, Eagle was the first to develop the PXT solution, which is currently the highest-performing on the market. Other manufacturers have begun to follow suit but have not yet solidified the methodology.