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Continuous Cookers

The Continuous Cooker is in the industry’s best solution for starchless edibles and consists of three parts: a mixing vessel which feeds into the cooker, the continuous cooker (can be purchased separately), and a single-stream feed system which meters in color, flavor, and acid as needed on the way to the depositor. Continuous cooking systems are ASME 8 rated, steam-heated, and controlled by independent HMI interfaces for each of the three components.

Jacketed Mixing Vessel
Working capacity of 100 L (based on swept volume)
Hemispherical pan with a vertical cylindrical extension mounted on load cells
Stainless steel hinged grid to be fitted allowing product to be loaded during mixer operation with safety interlock
High-shear mixer
Steam heated jacket (maximum working pressure of 3.5 bar)
Temperature probe
Polished, 304 stainless steel with 316 stainless steel contact parts

Continuous Cooking Skid
Steam pressure control
Product temperature indicator
Stainless steel rotors
Stainless, jacketed pump chamber
Variable speed drive

Single Stream Feed System
Jacketed, stainless steel lines
3 SA1 additive systems
Dynamic mixer with variable speed drive