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Herb Processing Systems

ABM offers vertically-integrated, field-to-package systems for a number of end products. From handling and drying to extraction and edible manufacturing, we bring the automation and scalability of the food industry to cannabis.









Herb Drying

Testing, design, integration, and supply of complete drying solutions. Circular fluid bed dryers process up to 3,500 lbs/hr of homogenized product with up to 94% Herb essence retention. Microwave dryers process up to 1,000 lbs/hr of premium whole flower with up to 97% Herb essence retention.

Dryer unit for single and dual stage herb dryers
Falling Film Evaporators

Herb Extraction

Supply & integration of current-best extraction equipment. ABM manufactures and distributes the Yellowstone falling film evaporator, which recovers up to 80 gallons per hour of solvent at 99% efficiency and no chiller.

Edible Manufacturing

Our fully automated, interfacable production lines drastically reduce labor costs and improve margins. Food and pharmaceutical-grade, USDA and FDA certified, our versatile offerings can deliver an array of top-quality end products that stand out in the cannabis market.

Edible form filler machine

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Browse some of the individual pieces you will find in a complete system.

Hemp Falling Film Evaporators

The Nebula Series Solvent Recovery Falling Film Evaporator System Skid is designed for efficiency, control, and superlative product creation. Starting with our base model at 750L/hr throughput, the Nebula brings effective solvent recovery technology with batch distillation and the option for in line decarboxylation to facilities at industrial scales. Operators will successfully remove solvent to residual ppm levels with equipment designed for C1D1/2 compliance and integration into their GMP facilities. These systems are supported by automated integrations that minimize handling time and provide complete control over parameters.

Ice Hash Machines

Ice hash screeners are vibratory screeners (like the hemp bud sorters) with different configurations. First, the cannabis is mixed with ice-water in an agitated, jacketed tank, which causes the non-cannabinoid organics to swell and the trichomes to fall off, in-tact. The slurry is then fed into this screener – the first few levels remove the biomass, and the lower ones separate the water from the trichomes themselves. These trichomes are then gently pressed to remove excess water and set to dry, resulting in pure, solventless hash.
Our US-made machines have a number of advantages over alternate offerings including but not limited to operational efficiency, ease-of-use, and CIP configuration. But one of the most important distinguishing properties is the gap-free design which improves performance and cleanability. Fill out the form below to learn more or get a quote.

Bud Sorters

Bud sorters separate large buds from medium, medium from small, and small from keef. By passing bud over vibrating screens of increasing mesh, over-sized buds are ejected out the side of the unit and under-sized pieces pass through the screen for further sorting. Available in sizes from 18” in diameter to 100”, a single unit can divide product into 5 classifications and be used for multiple product types. Screens are easily swapped and available in mesh sizes from inches to microns.

Circular vibratory sorters are preferable to the original rectangular and manual models for high-throughput applications because of their large capacity, ability to run continuously, and little need for operator supervision. The circular design maximizes surface-area utilization, is easier to clean, and minimizes the distance product must travel before being classified.

Rolled Film Evaporators

InCon’s rolled film evaporators are the industry standard for distillation. With a number of unique features and economies of scale by the manufacturer, it is also the lowest cost-per liter solution made in the US. With several vacuum and interface options—including full-auto—InCon’s rolled film distillation skids are the best solution for nearly any SOP. Rolled film evaporators use stainless rollers instead of their PFTE-wiper predecessors, significantly increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance.

Herb Mills

If bud isn’t shredded finely enough for drying, mills are needed to reduce the particle size for primary extraction in order to achieve the best yields. (For particle size reduction before drying, see shredders instead). Because of bud’s tendency to clog screens when wet or particularly oil-laden, mills often need to be paired with forced air to clear the screens—and remove dust. This can be accomplished with a dedicated blower—added as an option—or by connecting an external pneumatic system, in which case the extra air can also be used to convey the herb from milling to extraction or storage. Either way the blower should have a way to collect trichomes, as a statistically significant portion is lost at this step. Hammer mills are far-and-away the most effective type of mills for pre-dried herb, and are available in a number of different configurations, detailed below.

Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers are available for manufacturers without their own solution already in place. Coolers help edibles set and be de-moulded more quickly, reducing the number of moulds and carts required. Note that just because a product can be de-moulded doesn’t mean that it’s set all the way. Some edibles may need to set up to 24 hours before packaging to prevent product from sticking together, an effect that can also be mitigated by putting the edibles though a coater where they are tumbled with sugar or oil.


Recently developed for the Mini line, the semi-manual de-moulders allow efficient de-moulding of product without over-spending for automation. Aside from reducing man-hours needed to de-mould by manually popping pieces out of the forms manually, de-moulders reduce the number of total moulds required by reducing staging time.

Custom-fit to the placement of cavities in your process’ silicon or metal moulds, the de-moulders use either dibbers or suction cups to remove the edible, depending on the material.

Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers, also known as super sack loaders, package product for sale or storage. Our Bulk Bag Fillers have numerous convenient features for longevity and ease-of-use, are backed with 24/7 emergency service, and are Legal-For-Trade without the high cost usually associated with the certification. They can package up to 3,000 lbs. of product, but a super-sack full of herb will only weight about 500 lbs.

In herb systems, bulk bag fillers are preceded by dryers and sifters to remove moisture and stalks/stems, which will mold product and rip bags respectively. They can be fed by a variety of conveyors or surge hoppers depending on the application.

Mould Stackers

The mould stacker automatically receives production moulds coming off of the depositor, reducing the manpower needed and human error involved in the cooling process. The lift station receives and lifts empty carts into the starting position as depicted in the first image. As each rack is filled, the cart is lower one-by-one until it is full and can be wheeled to the cooler for setting.

Continuous Cookers

The Continuous Cooker is in the industry’s best solution for starchless edibles and consists of three parts: a mixing vessel which feeds into the cooker, the continuous cooker (can be purchased separately), and a single-stream feed system which meters in color, flavor, and acid as needed on the way to the depositor. Continuous cooking systems are ASME 8 rated, steam-heated, and controlled by independent HMI interfaces for each of the three components.

40+ Years' Experience

ABM Equipment has been optimizing & integrating bulk biomass processing systems for over 40 years. ABM has implemented and researched bulk drying & handling solutions for producers and co-ops in the hemp space since legalization.