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Automatic Vacuum Packagers

Rollstock has been a worldwide leader in horizontal thermoform packaging since 1985, and their machines are famously reliable, high-performing, and durable. Automatic Vacuum Packagers are used for food products, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical/medical products alike. They package a broad range of products with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. All machines are entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in Kansas City, Missouri. There is a wide selection of features, sizing, and packaging to fit a wide range of applications and products.

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Compact Automatic Vacuum Packager

The Compact Automatic Vacuum Packager is no larger than most manual dual chamber vacuum packagers. This machine is ideal for plants with limited spaces where quality packages are a necessity. Features: Rollstock’s most compact machine at 7.5 feet...

Automatic Vacuum Packager

Automatic Vacuum Packagers are simplified, reliable and efficient solutions for food, medical, and other non-food applications. Features: Solid frame construction (aluminum or stainless steel) allowing easy setup and moving Lowest cost of ownership...

Adjustable Automatic Vacuum Packager

With adjustable length and width, the RI-200 from Rollstock is one of the most flexible automatic vacuum packagers for food, medical, and other nonfood products. The adjustable packagers are reliable, efficient, and easy-to-operate. Features: Solid...