Valve Bag Fillers

Valve bag fillers are a type of bagging scale that uses augers or pneumatics to feed product into openings integrated in bags.

Benefits of using Valve Bag Fillers:

  • Dust Control: One of the primary benefits of using valve bag fillers is the reduction of dust emissions. During the filling process, the product is discharged into the bag through a valve, which helps to keep the environment clean and safe.
  • Product Protection: Another key benefit of using valve bag fillers is the reduction of product contamination. By discharging the product into the bag through a valve, exposure to the environment is minimized.
  • Bag Closure: Valve bag fillers usually provide a means of sealing the bags, which helps to protect the product and prevent contamination. The bags are typically closed using heat sealing or other methods, depending on the product.
  • Speed: Valve bag fillers are capable of filling bags at a fast rate, reducing the time and resources required to complete the packaging process. This helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs, making valve bag fillers an attractive solution for many industries.
  • Accuracy: Valve bag fillers are designed to provide accurate filling and weight control, ensuring that each bag contains the correct amount of product. This reduces waste and helps to maintain product quality and consistency.

Drawbacks of using Valve Bag Fillers:

  • Product restrictions: Valve bag fillers are typically used for products that do not absorb moisture, as the valve can become clogged with product and reduce the efficiency of the filling process. This may limit the types of products that can be packaged using valve bag fillers.
  • Costs: Valve bags are typically more expensive than open-mouth bags, as they require a valve to be integrated into the bag. This can make valve bag fillers a less cost-effective solution for some applications.
  • Seal: Because of the way valve bags are tied off, they are not as secure as open-mouth bags. This will be suboptimal for product that loves to absorb moisture or which is very dense and loves to leak (concrete is a great example.)

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valve back packaging system

Pictured are baggers from Taylor Products.

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