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Thoughtfully-engineered and USA-made, these milling solutions from Kemutec, Prater, Schenck, and Engsko feature a number of benefits and options to optimize them for nearly any application. Intert, cryo, and vacuum-milling solutions are also available for difficult products.

Roller Mills

Roller mills use cylindrical, opposing rollers to crush or grind material. They are typically used for medium to fine grinding, and are capable of producing a wide range of particle sizes. Roller mills are suitable for grinding materials that are...

Hammer Mills

Hammer mills are industrial machines used for particle size reduction, or the breaking down of large pieces of material into smaller pieces. They are commonly used in the processing of agricultural products, feed and grain, wood products, minerals,...

Commercial Flour Mill

A sturdy, long-lasting grain mill, the Commercial Flour Mill is the standalone version of the model intended for continuous-operation systems and thus includes more safety features. This heavy duty mill (Grindmaster 950 model) features a strong base, long-lasting shaft and bearings, and was built for high-throughput applications. Aimed at whole grain, whole meal, and grits, these mills are ideal for organic flours as the low temperatures maintained during the grinding process retains and protects the nutrient content of the grain. The Commercial Flour Mill features additional shrouding for operator safety and aesthetics versus standard industrial mills.

Cereal Grain Mill

One of the most versatile commercial mills on the market, the Cereal Grain Mill (model MHA 600D) can be set to gently crack grains or finely mill them to flour. Though suitable for a wide range of products, it is most popular for cereal grains such as wheat, maize, rice, barley, and oats because of the unique control it allows.
As a member of the disc mill class, it uses two spinning discs to precisely reduce particle size. Because the discs can be set as far apart or as close together as needed, it allows processors to strike the balance that can’t be reached with roller or hammer mills. Throughput varies per product, but is capable of up to 4500 lbs/hr.
A micrometer hand wheel allows precise and convenient control, and the discs are easily changed should they wear.

Cone Mills

Cone Mills use a spinning apparatus, selected for the application, which grinds product against a perforated screen. Screen sizes and rotor spacing can set to achieve price grinds with product between 5 mm and 250 μm. Cone mills are known for their versatility, able to grind fatty, moist, and inconsistent product effectively.

Lump Breakers

These Lump Breakers from Kimutek can also be used to classify materials based on particle size by use of a built-in screen. All Lump Breakers can be customized on project-by-project bases to optimize their respective application. For example, they can also be equipped with cantilever grinder beaters for fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food applications. They employ a number of thoughtful design elements such as non-drive-end access doors, which allow for easy-access to the screen for cleaning and exchanges.

Air Classifiers

These air Classifiers from Kemutec mill product as finely as 5 μm and eject it when the desired size is reached. A type of vertical mill, Air Classifiers create the finest grinds possible. They accept product via augers or blowers and rotary valves, and mill it through grinding media and force against the grinding chamber walls. Configuration of the classifier and the grinding media can be easily swapped to get the best results for your product.

Flour Mill

Available with 600, 800, or 950 mm millstones, the standard Flour Mill (S-Model Europemill) is a great intermediary solution for the majority of millers. From beans, spices, and coffee to grains and granules, the Flour Mill can precisely grind virtually any dry product. Throughput capacities for the small millstones will range from 330–882 lbs./hr. depending on courseness, 441–1323 lbs./hr. for medium millstones, and 551–1764 lbs./hr. for the large. As with all our disc mills, the Flour Mill is ideal for whole and organic applications, designed to minimize product temperature and protect nutrients from degradation. Call us or fill out the form below to learn more about this mill or how we can automate and streamline your process.

Tabletop Flour Mill

Most popular among grocery stores, bakeries, and farms, the Tabletop Flour Mill comes stock with a 9 lb. hopper. It can mill any product under 12% moisture and 6% oil, most commonly coffee, spices, and grains at up to 175 lbs. per hour depending on the desired fineness.

The tabletop mill is also available with a sifter which can be configured for flour, bran, and fine bran. It’s equipped with three separate outlets optimized for their respective flour types.

Spice Mill

First produced in 1910 and improved upon ever since, the Spice Mill is also ideal for small batches of grains, peas, and sugar. Mustard, coffee, and other oily products can also be ground efficiently with stones designed to handle the oils.

Get in touch to learn more about this mill and how we can automate or streamline your process.

Universal Mills

Universal Mills, also known as combination mills, use multiple methods and configurations of those methods to deliver the broadest range of capabilities possible. They use turbine blades for a course grinds, a pin-mill configuration for fine grinds, and are compatible with various grinding media to fine-tune results. Both turbine and pin configurations can be utilized when incoming product is very course and outgoing needs to be very fine. It also protects product by using a closed-loop design (to prevent exchange of inside and outside air) and can optionally use low temperatures or inert gases for special cases, detailed under options. It’s compatible with most processing lines via flexible inlet and outlet configurations. The hinged doors allow for easy maintenance and inspection and it can reduce particle size to 100 μm – 20μm.

Continuous Commercial Flour Mill

The continuous Commercial Flour Mill (Europemill 600 and 950 mm W) is a horizontal mill designed with triangular shape and is used in in many plants for decentralized production. The Industrial Flour Mill isn’t limited to just flour though – this versatile mill tackles many other applications such as hulling chickpeas and milling cereals, wheat, spices, buckwheat, rye and other grains. Comparable to the Commercial Flour Mill, which is the standalone unit, the continuous model fits in an integrated system with product delivery and takeaway, dust collection, and sifting.

Engineered to retain all natural fibers, vitamins, and minerals during the milling process, the Industrial Flour Mill utilizes traditional stone millstones, making it ideal for health foods. Designed to be placed in continuous production areas, these models can be installed next to one another. Give us a call or fill out the form below to learn more about this mill or how we can automate and streamline your process.