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Customized Inspection X-Ray Machine

X-Ray Customizations

Eagle machines are known to last through more product and line changes than other brands. We service, repair, and update them to preserve performance, utilize new technology, and adapt to changing production lines.



Putting new technology in old machines delivers the same functionality at lower cost with less waste.


New products can require more head-space or different conveying methods. We can make these changes most of the time.



When changes call for a new machine altogether we can take the old one and help offset the cost.

Customizations Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency

Even within single product classes like canned goods, varying contents will require different machine specs or programming. By tailoring solutions at the application level we can take pressure off Eagle to create single-purpose products.

We’ll add custom features, modify hardware, improve radiation protection, convert machines to IP69 ratings, or add tool-less removal features to conveyors.


Customizations Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Eagle already boasts the lowest total cost of ownership among comparable competitors. By giving us access to their software and components, they’ve allowed us to turn sunk costs into assets. Whether you need individual components swapped, a machine altered, or a different system altogether, we can use the existing investment to offset new costs. If nothing on the market fits your application, we can design an entirely new model for Eagle to manufacture. And of course, all alterations are warrantied.