Tailored Process



Operational efficiency has to be engineered by someone, and that’s our specialty. By applying decades of experience and current industry best-practices, we help companies turn great ideas into fruitful enterprise. We help select, design, and integrate equipment, meet regulations, and harness new technologies. We specialize in bulk dry goods when it comes to processing but inspect, reclaim, and reduce litigation risk in nearly every class.




The processing industry is driven by new products, new practices, and out-of-the-box thinking. And since we create the solutions that make new ideas work, our greatest asset is flexibility and our capabilities are fluid. So whatever the application, whether it’s well-established or brand-new, we’ll solve the problem or direct you to a trustworthy group that can. Below you’ll find our best effort at classifying common equipment in our field, but feel free to call or email us for clarification, service, or any other reason.


Food, chemicals, metals, et al.; we help move product quickly and efficiently. Among many other types of handling and loading equipment, we work with bucket elevators, belt conveyors, augers, and tubular drag.


This is our oldest area of expertise. Some common areas under this umbrella include milling, blending/mixing, particle size reduction, filtration, sifting, dust collection, process controls, and volumetric and gravimetric weighers and feeders.


Product inspection is our main focus and receives the bulk of our R&D budget. We source, modify, and integrate metal detectors, checkweighers, samplers, magnetic systems, moisture analyzers, lipid analyzers, level indicators, PH monitors, and x-ray machines. We have over 30 x-ray machines in stock.


We package various classes of product. Our dealings are primarily in weighing automation, open-mouth and pouch bagging equipment, line accessories, and shaping, filling, and sealing.


Identifying resources and hurdles early-on is crucial. Our in-house engineers make things simple and our fabricators make things quick. With over 40 years experience we’ve come to prefer some manufacturers over others, but if you have different preferences or have discovered us post-purchase, we’re still happy to help. 

Innovative Design

We have a long history of focusing on holistic systems, and know how everything fits together on macro and micro scales. We’re happy to sell or modify equipment, but we’re also not afraid to come in and build everything out for you.

Trusted Suppliers

Not only does our team’s experience mean a glut of trade tricks, but it also means we have time-tested relationships all over the industry. With trust comes efficiency, and our buildouts can be done more quickly with fewer steps and less risk.

Experienced Application

Our team is home to top-tier talent from around the industry. We brag ruthlessly about their breadth and depth of knowledge in hopes that you’ll call them and find out for yourself. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree.