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Recently developed for the Mini line, the semi-manual de-moulders allow efficient de-moulding of product without over-spending for automation. Aside from reducing man-hours needed to de-mould by manually popping pieces out of the forms manually, de-moulders reduce the number of total moulds required by reducing staging time. Custom-fit to the placement of cavities in your process’ silicon or metal moulds, the de-moulders use either dibbers or suction cups to remove the edible, depending on the material.


Moulds can be supplied by customer or ordered separately (type, configuration and quantities will be determined with help from Baker Perkins).
Hard candies use metal moulds and are ejected with suction cups.
Gummies typically use flexible, silicon moulds so they can be popped out.

Because of the impact moulds will have on quality and efficiency, Baker Perkins offers a full range of mould design services including:
Mould Design
Refurbishment & FDA-Approved re-coating
Replacement Parts
On-Site Support

  • Manual handle operation for two-step press and sweep functions
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel, interchangeable dibbers configured to customers different mould configurations
  • Automatic reset of ejection plate
  • Maintenance free, self lubricating bearings