The Next Generation of X-Ray

The new solution detects a variety of contaminants down to 0.3 mm spec. It’s compatible with most Eagle models and the best reporting software available, DSO.

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The Detectability

Better generators and more diodes per square inch provide better data for the contaminant recognition software

The Accuracy

Restructured algorithms use more data-points to identify more contaminants and eliminate more false rejects than ever before

Inspection x-ray reporting software

The Reporting

Industry-best reporting software simplifies rework stations, automates validations, and saves images in case of a liability claim

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Pin-point accuracy for one contaminant no longer comes at the cost of others. From plastic and rubber to steel and stone, we’re now catching foreign material as small as 0.3 mm in diameter for a wide range of applications.

Other advantages of x-ray have improved as well. Our ability to weigh product, count items, and detect fill-level have also improved.

And the advantages don’t stop at raw detectability. More false rejects are avoided, operability has advanced, and reporting has improved.

See What We Can do

Want to see what the best performance in the industry looks like? Arrange a head-to-head with any of our competitors or send product for testing.

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From machine customization to 24/7 service and training, our customers are not sold equipment and left to fend for themselves. We ensure equipment performs with your product, with your staff, on your floor—just like it did in the lab.

Machine Upgrades

Improve features of your machine such as radiation protection, washdown rating, or tool-less belt removal.


Eagle customers have the ability to use the industry’s best reporting and tracking software, DSO Sentinel.

24/7 Support

Get remote-access support, troubleshooting, or have a technician catch the next available flight.


Hardware x Software

The “PXT” solution is a unique blend of hardware and software improvements originally intended for finding bones in poultry—one of the most difficult applications in the industry.

Nearly every facet of Eagle’s machines were overhauled in the process, providing us with the detectability customers have been seeking for years.

Better Generators

Improved generators with redesigned beam geometry give the new system a much higher level of control.

Better Reporting

Not only does higher resolution mean better records to protect you from liability claims, but features of DSO have been added as well. Managers can now tell when machine settings are changed—and by whom.

Geometric grey shapes
Fine geometric grey shapes

Better Detectors

With significantly more diodes per square inch, contaminants must be smaller to slip through the cracks. The new solution provides better resolution than ever before.

Better Algorithms

Many contaminants don’t trigger a reject when they pass over diodes—they require an advanced algorithm to recognize the faint, irregular shape as a contaminant.

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