Join our affiliate program

How it works

Commission Structure

Affiliates will receive 20% lifetime commissions on a “last credit” and lifetime basis to include referrals. (You will receive commissions on any product purchased by an account holder for the life of that account and any accounts they refer, and credit for a new account will be attributed to the most recent referrer.)

How referrals are tracked

Referrals are tracked by 60-day cookie tokens. If one of your customers purchases seats after 60 days and before 120, or they cleared cookies and lost the referral, you will be reimbursed manually upon notice.


As the program is being spun up, payments will be triggered manually through Paypal on monthly bases. Other payment options and auto-payments on a weekly schedule are on the future features list.

Affiliate relationship

Affiliates are free agents who are responsible for promotion of their own program and ABM Equipment is not to be held liable for any inaccurate claims made about our products.

ABM Equipment reserves the right to update the terms as needed and affiliates will be notified following any material updates.

You can use your own affiliate link.