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Used Processing Equipment

K-Tron Load Cells And Accessories

There are 3x 3000 Newton K-Tron load cells with 2 junction boxes and the corresponding cables. There is also a hopper extension and downspout adapter available for a K-Tron T20 feeder, which the load cells were paired with. The cost for the whole bundle is $1,000, or you can make an offer if you only want some elements. Everything was in working condition when the system was up-sized around 2015.

Used Process Controls For Sale

• Emergency Stop (E-stop) and Main power disconnect.
• NEMA 12 Free Standing Motor Control Enclosure.
• 480V/3 Phase/60 Hz.
• Includes burner PID controls.
• Flame safeguard controls.
• Digital Temperature read-outs for the inlet and outlet air streams.
• Motor Starters for:
o Qty 2 – 5 HP w/ VFDs
o Qty 2 – 15 HP
o Qty 3 – 3 HP w/VFDs
o Qty 1 – 0.5 HP w/ VFD
o Qty 2 – 2 HP
o Qty 2– 7.5 HP motors
• Includes 120VAC and 24VDC power supplies and power distribution.