Checkweighers ensure product is not over or under-weight. They convey product over segments of belts that rest on load cells, which provides an advantage when weighing heavy product, and a disadvantage at very high belt speeds. They are typically low-cost, single-purpose machines but can be integrated with metal detectors to improve quality checks.


Choosing a Manufacturer

Your Checkweigher should have only the features you need right now plus a few that will help in the near future. Simpler machines reduce up-front and maintenance costs, but are wasteful if they need to be replaced soon. There are numerous manufacturers but we’ve found Bunting, Alpha, and A&D to provide the best value for their respective segments. They each will have their own conveying and rejection methods which we can alter or build in-house as needed.

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Combination of metal detector and checkweigher. Visit for more inspection options.


Low-Cost QA Step

IP 65-69K Options

Single-Point Operation

Separate Reject Mechanisms

250 Pieces Per Minute

Checkweigher metal detector combination



Recommended for nutraceutical, bulk, and commodity manufacturing (usually dry environments)


Large Selection

Great Quality

Good Support

Numerous Configurations

400 Pieces Per Minute

A&D Checkweighers


Recommended when not many features are needed (new products, start-up plants, & product testing)


Low Cost


Affordable & Accessible Parts

Same Coast Shipping

400 Pieces Per Minute


Centered around the quality control step of manufacturing, Bunting provides inline magnets, magnetic conveyors, and these checkweigher/metal detector combos. Bunting manufactures out of Kansas and is a reliable manufacturer and parts provider.


Alpha is a quality, all-around manufacturer that fits most applications. They have a large selection of models and numerous configuration options for each of them. Based in Pennsylvania they are the furthest away of our three preferred manufacturers but provide excellent support. Alpha is often the best choice for non-specialty and bulk applications.


For the most part, A&D’s checkweigher models are different configurations of the same machine. Though they can’t fit all applications, they cover many of them. The big up-side here is that economies of scale reduce machine and part costs, and machines can be more easily retrofitted. And when parts are needed they’re shipped from California. A&D’s machines are simple and low-cost, making them great for quick-starts and establishing product viability.