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Commercial Flour Mill

A sturdy, long-lasting grain mill, the Commercial Flour Mill is the standalone version of the model intended for continuous-operation systems and thus includes more safety features. This heavy duty mill (Grindmaster 950 model) features a strong base, long-lasting shaft and bearings, and was built for high-throughput applications. Aimed at whole grain, whole meal, and grits, these mills are ideal for organic flours as the low temperatures maintained during the grinding process retains and protects the nutrient content of the grain. The Commercial Flour Mill features additional shrouding for operator safety and aesthetics versus standard industrial mills.

Superior Design & Materials

Utilizing 4 milling breaks through the combination of 3 break roller milling and 1 break stone milling, the result is a high yield, high quality fine flour. This commercial mill is still capable of adjusting the stones for optimum output. Stone milled flour has a large surface area which results in increased ability to absorb liquid and therefor a more superior dough.

Stone Settings

  • Manually
  • Preset
  • PLC connection

Fineness Output

Fine Coarse
% of flour, grain size below 260 micron 70 28
% of flour, grain size above 260 micron 20 22
% of flour, grain size above 600 micron 10 50

250 fine / 800 coarse

Motor 15 kW fine / 18.5 kW coarse
Dimensions 74.0″L x 41.3″W x 64.2″H fine (49.6″H coarse)
Weight 2756 lbs.
Made In Denmark