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Processor’s Mixer/Grinder

Capable of up to 120 lbs./min. with a 300 lb. hopper, the Processor’s Mixer/Grinder employs thin paddles in the angle of ribbons. As a hybrid between ribbon and paddle mixers, they strike a balance between high homogeny and throughput while preserving the ability to mix forward or reverse. The Processor’s Mixer/Grinder features a variable speed motor and programmable timer which allows fast, slow, and auto mixes. It is a rugged solution for mixing any kind of meat, or plant substitute, from fat to lean. The mixer rotates at a right angle to the auger to minimize its product exposure and avoid temperature buildup, preserving the presentability of the end-product. An open-grid lid allows seasoning to be added during operation, and the lid is counterbalanced for ergonomic accessibility.

Standard Features

  • Variable Speed Mix and Grind
  • Programmable Automatic Forward / Reverse Mixing Cycle
  • Open grid lid allows seasoning to be added during operation
  • No tool lock ring necessary
  • Heavy duty casters
  • All stainless steel design
  • Size 52 (5 1/8″) Grind Head
  • Gemini system compatible
  • Safety interlocked and counterbalanced lid
  • Simple push button controls
  • Meat deflector


  • Pneumatically operated foot switch
  • Gemini Connection

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120 lbs./min

Hopper Capacity 300 lbs.
Mixing Motor 1.5 HP
Grinding Motor 10 HP
Power 200–240 V 60 Hz/3Ph
Dimensions 58″H x 43″W x 31.5″L
Weight 880 lbs.
Made In USA