Ribbon Mixer/Grinder

Ribbon Mixer-Grinders achieve the most homogenous mix possible at the cost of throughput (65 lbs./min instead of 120). The Ribbon Mixer/Grinder includes a 200 lb. hopper and is a rugged and reliable solution for mixing any kind of meat or plant substitute, from fat to lean. The ribbon spiral rotates at a right angle to the auger to minimize its product exposure and avoid temperature buildup, which helps preserve the presentability of the end-product. Streamlined cleaning features also help reduce the risk of cross-contamination between batches. The small-batch ribbon blender is at a convenient height for loading/unloading, and features tool-less plate changes.

Standard Features

  • Grind Motor: 7.5 HP (Mix Motor: 1.5 HP)
  • Variable Speed Mix and Grind
  • Programmable Automatic Forward / Reverse Mixing Cycle
  • Open grid lid allows seasoning to be added during operation
  • No tool lock ring necessary
  • Conical Hopper With Mixing Ribbon
  • All Stainless Steel Seamless Welded Design
  • Size 42 Grind Head
  • Gemini System Compatible
  • Interlocked, Counter-Weighted Lid
  • Simple Push Button Controls
  • Meat Deflector
  • Air-Operated Food Switch


  • Pneumatically operated foot switch
  • Gemini Connection

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65 lbs./min

Hopper Capacity 200 lbs.
Motor 7 1/2 HP
Power 200–240 V 60 Hz/3Ph, 50 Amp recommended
Weight 594 lbs.
Made In USA