Cereal Grain Mill

One of the most versatile commercial mills on the market, the Cereal Grain Mill (model MHA 600D) can be set to gently crack grains or finely mill them to flour. Though suitable for a wide range of products, it is most popular for cereal grains such as wheat, maize, rice, barley, and oats because of the unique control it allows. As a member of the disc mill class, it uses two spinning discs to precisely reduce particle size. Because the discs can be set as far apart or as close together as needed, it allows processors to strike the balance that can't be reached with roller or hammer mills. Throughput varies per product, but is capable of up to 4500 lbs/hr. A micrometer hand wheel allows precise and convenient control, and the discs are easily changed should they wear.

Operating Principle

A consistent flow of product enters the inlet (as seen in the diagram at A) located at the top of the Cereal Grain Mill, and travels through the center of the stationary disc (B) into the milling chamber (C). The rotating disc (D), mounted on the center shaft (E), accelerates and distributes grains over the grinding surface of the two discs. The distance between the discs can be precisely adjusted for on-the-fly fine-tuning. No screen is necessary, and in many cases further sifting is also unnecessary. Disc speed is easily changed for different grains, as are the corrugation patterns via easily-changeable discs. The discs are made from a special wolfram carbide alloy, delivering the market-leading durability. The ground product is then discharged via the outlet (F). Note: we recommend using suction from either pneumatic conveying or an exhaust system to maintain slight negative pressure in the milling chamber to assist flow.


  • Compact, contained design minimizes footprint and installation cost.
  • Easily-accessible, durable wearing parts reduce maintenance costs.
  • Easy-change elements minimize down-time and operating costs.
  • Exchangeable discs with multiple corrugation patterns suit many applications.
  • Simple & accurate handwheel adjustment of the grinding gap helps achieve consistent and uniform products.
  • Large, screenless grinding surfaces deliver high capacity and reduce power consumption.

Up to 4,500 lbs./hr.

Motor 37 kW
Dimensions 52.5″L x 35″W x 60″H
Weight 188 lbs.
Made In Denmark/EU