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Tube Belt & U-Belt Conveyors

Tube belt conveyors and u-belt conveyors are most commonly used in industrial settings to transport bulk materials. They are open along the run where product is being loaded, then are closed by devices and rollers. However, there are some key differences between the two types of conveyors that can affect when one is more appropriate to use over the other.

Because of their tolerance for long distances, rough terrain, and even 90 degree slopes vertically OR horizontally, they are easy to integrate into most operations.

Tube belt conveyors are characterized by a cylindrical tube that encloses the belt and the material being conveyed. This design provides several benefits over open u-belt conveyors. For example, tube belt conveyors can provide better protection for the conveyed materials, as they are enclosed within the tube. This can be particularly useful for materials that are easily damaged, such as food products or fragile items. Additionally, tube belt conveyors can be more effective at containing dust and preventing spills, as the enclosed design can help to keep the materials contained within the tube.

On the other hand, u-belt conveyors are characterized by an open design, with the belt running over a series of rollers or pulleys. This design provides several benefits over tube belt conveyors. For example, u-belt conveyors are typically more accessible for maintenance and repair, as the belt and rollers can be easily accessed from the sides of the conveyor. Additionally, u-belt conveyors can be more effective at cooling conveyed materials, as the open design allows for better air circulation around the materials.

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