Herb Shredders

Shredders slice herb it into small, homogenized particle sizes in preparation for drying. Shredders are preferable over mills for wet product because mills crush instead of cut; crushing inflicts unnecessary damage, makes screens difficult to clean, and compacts the flower which further reduces drying efficiency.

Our high-throughput, super-sturdy herb shredders come with variable controls to accommodate any drying method. They’re available in various sizes from 1–400 HP, with maximum throughputs ranging from 100–10,000 lbs./hr., and optionally available in stainless.
Most dryers will perform best with particle sizes between 3/4 and 1/4″, with the latter being ideal for ABM solutions. 1/4″ shred carries the added benefit of being suitable for extraction, allowing extractors to skip the mill. ABM provides turn-key integration and 24/7 emergency support for all components and systems in our wheelhouse.

Shredding expedites the drying process by increasing surface area and homogenizing product for even drying. Homogenization is paramount for any bulk drying method because over-dried product will lose Herb essence & Herb extract and under-dried product will almost certainly cause molding or other issues throughout production.

A good rule of thumb for shredding and milling equipment is to buy by weight, and these shredders are extremely well-built. It can be tempting to skimp in this area but the up-front investment is always worth it if you have the capital because cheaper options quickly become more expensive when you’re repeatedly adjusting and repairing them. ABM supports clients in all forms of service, including mill and some shredder repairs we don’t supply. However, planning to repair cheaper mills will not yield positive ROI because of the down-time and man-hours that can accumulate.

Directly after in-feed conveyors and before shredders, product should be passed by some kind of magnet. Magnets are a simple, low-cost solution to reduce the risk of equipment being damaged by metal that may have gotten picked up between the field and the system.

Standard Inclusions

  • Infeed Hopper (Pass-Through, Not Storage)
  • Discharge Transition to incline auger
  • PLC Logic Control w/ Reversing Motor Starter