Continuous Commercial Flour Mill

The continuous Commercial Flour Mill (Europemill 600 and 950 mm W) is a horizontal mill designed with triangular shape and is used in in many plants for decentralized production. The Industrial Flour Mill isn’t limited to just flour though – this versatile mill tackles many other applications such as hulling chickpeas and milling cereals, wheat, spices, buckwheat, rye and other grains. Comparable to the Commercial Flour Mill, which is the standalone unit, the continuous model fits in an integrated system with product delivery and takeaway, dust collection, and sifting.

Engineered to retain all natural fibers, vitamins, and minerals during the milling process, the Industrial Flour Mill utilizes traditional stone millstones, making it ideal for health foods. Designed to be placed in continuous production areas, these models can be installed next to one another. Give us a call or fill out the form below to learn more about this mill or how we can automate and streamline your process.


600W model: 331 lbs./hr.
950W model: 551 lbs./hr.

Motor 600W Model: 7.5 kW
950W Model: 18.5 kW
Dimensions 600W Model: 56.3″ W x 56.8″ H
950W Model: 74″ W x 64.3″ H
Millstone Size 600W Model: 600 mm (23.6″)
950W Model: 950 mm (37.4″)
Made In Denmark/EU

Adjustable Grind

The fineness of grind is easily adjusted via the clutch handle which also starts and halts production. Fineness ranges from below 260 to above 600 micron.

Output Options

  • Silo
  • Packaging Line
  • Weighing Line
  • Sifter