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Commercial Pattymaker

Capable of 1,800 to 7,800 patties per hour, the Commercial Pattymaker uses a rotary filler, which is currently the best available method on the market. It produces patties which are more tender, cook faster, and shrink less than those formed with other methods. Multiple plate options are available, and because two patties are formed at a time, this includes the option to produce two different patty types simultaneously. The Commercial Pattymaker uses a 400 lb. capacity hopper with feed auger and automatically places paper between patties.

1800–7800 patties/hr

Patty Sizes 3/16″ – 1.25″ thickness, 6″ Dia. standard
Dimensions 78.75″H x 94.5″W (incl. conveyor) x 43″L (conveyor 24.25-35 5/8″H)
Motor 20 HP
Made In USA

Standard Features

  • Programmable count, delay, run-time, and conveyor speed
  • Variable speed and compression controls
  • Automatic paper placement
  • Conveyor (neoprene or wire mesh)
  • Interchangeable mold plate assembly
  • 400 lb. capacity hopper
  • Straight-slot filler
  • Forced air oil cooling system


  • Rotary filler
  • Side-notch paper interleaver
  • Custom hopper
  • Meatball and skinless sausage attachments
  • Perforator attachment
  • Water spray attachment
  • Hydraulic lift loader
  • Washrack (stainless)
  • Alternate filling methods

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