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Universal Mills

Universal Mills, also known as combination mills, use multiple methods and configurations of those methods to deliver the broadest range of capabilities possible. They use turbine blades for a course grinds, a pin-mill configuration for fine grinds, and are compatible with various grinding media to fine-tune results. Both turbine and pin configurations can be utilized when incoming product is very course and outgoing needs to be very fine. It also protects product by using a closed-loop design (to prevent exchange of inside and outside air) and can optionally use low temperatures or inert gases for special cases, detailed under options. It’s compatible with most processing lines via flexible inlet and outlet configurations. The hinged doors allow for easy maintenance and inspection and it can reduce particle size to 100 μm – 20μm.


The Universal Mill can either be located at high elevations or at ground level. It is linked to the milled-powder collector, which can be connected via hopper or external filler-receiver (see below).

  • Cryogenic configuration (see below)
  • Inert configurations (see below)

    • Explosion containment using a 10 bar PSR design
    • Inert gas like nitrogen can be used to replace combustible gases or air in the system.
  • Explosion protection through bursting panels
  • Explosion suppression using a quench system or suppression system
  • Compact design changes

Temperature-Controlled Milling (+Cryogenic Milling)

Liquid nitrogen can be used to precisely control the temperature of product, which can protect it from degradation and improve efficiency. These temperatures can be held at cryogenic levels (as low as –150° C) for products that are difficult to mill at higher temperatures, need lower temperatures to reach finer grinds, or need further assurance against explosion.

Inert Milling

To protect against explosions, the Universal Mill can operate under vacuum to remove oxygen or have the oxygen replaced with inert gases like nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Popular Applications


  • Powdered sugar 6X – 10X Grade
  • Microfine salt
  • Rice flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Casein and whey protein
  • Spices

Pet Food



  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Trona
  • Sulphur
  • Nitrates
  • Grind fine powders
Motor Sizes

3 HP – 125 HP

Grind Sizes 100 μm – 20 μm
 Made In USA

Mill guide by particle size

Operating principle