Weighbelts are flat belt conveyors with weighbars beneath the belt to measure product flow. Knowing product weight and convey-rate, weigh-belts precisely meter product into the dryer by communicating with up-stream equipment and adjusting speed. Weigh-belts are critical between the shredder and the dryer because consistent feed-rates are critical for any continuous-flow herb drying processes to prevent burning product or leaving wet spots. They can also be used in various parts of the process to provide a number of data points such as moisture weight-loss.

When entire processes depend on weight-based yields, weighing throughout the process can lead to further efficiencies and greater output. Weighbelts can measure incoming product as it flows into the dryer, protecting against over or under-drying. This leads to more consistent dried product, proper temperature stabilization, and more predictable yields. Metering weight after drying can govern conveyor speeds throughout the process to ensure optimal throughput and anticipate batching outcomes.

Models with 12” and 24” belt widths, BIC (belt weight influence compensation), and accuracies of ± 0.25% to 1% of set rate sigma are available. A v-profile belt guide provides reliable tracking and minimal hardware requirements while a gravity-assist head pulley scraper and an internal plow automatically clean both sides of the belt. Weighbelts can control the flow of up to 2,660 cubic feet per hour.