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We achieve the best bulk packaging results with Taylor Products and the best non-bulk packaging results with All-Fill. Both are quality manufacturers with products we can easily customize and integrate into your process. Below is an overview of different classes all of which are available at various levels of automation. Below you’ll find a far-from exhaustive list of popular equipment. If we seem like a fit but you don’t see the exact piece you’re looking for, fill out the form below; we can improve nearly any system.

Tabletop Vacuum Packagers

Tabletop vacuum packagers provide high-quality vacuums, seals, and packaging to producers needing to preserve small quantities  of product.

Standing Vacuum Packagers

Standing Vacuum Packagers are available in single and double-chamber configurations for higher-throughput manual operations.

Automatic Vacuum Packagers

Automatic Vacuum Packagers continuously seal packages and trays on the processing line and are also capable of thermoforming.


Thermoformers use heat to form packaging to a products to enhance appearance and shelf-life. They are available in rotary and standard configurations.

Valve Bag Fillers

Valve bag fillers meter product from bulk bins into valve bags. There are multiple solutions for manual and automated bag placement and removal. Pneumatic air packers use pressurized air, augers use screw-like shafts in tubes, and impellers, which are used for dense and fine mesh materials, sling product through the fill spout.

Bag Placement & Sealing

The TRV 100 can position valve bags on multiple machines, be mounted in multiple positions, and be customized to a wide range of applications. The TRU Seal ultrasonic valve bag sealer converts high frequency sound waves on a thermoplastic material into frictional heat creating a positive seal on valve bags.

Free-Flowing Product

The GW Series Auger Packer is a general solution for filling valve bags with granular products or coarse powders. A mechanical beam scale is incorporated into the filler and shuts the flow of product off when the weight is reached.

Fine Powders & Blends

Taylor Products’ Model A air packer is made for packaging fluidizable powders into valve bags. The self-contained pressure blower package and digital scale control make this the ideal machine for applications requiring a balance of speed and accuracy.

Fluffy, Caking, & Bridging Product

The APV uses an agitator to package flow-resistant products in valve bags. The variable speed auger option utilizes Taylor’s “bulk and dribble” technology to ensure a fast and accurate weight measurement.

Coarse Powders & Blends

Taylor’s Model C air packer is designed for packaging coarse powders and granular material into valve bags. These pneumatic packers utilize a self-contained blower and Taylor’s patented reverse flow hopper design to provide accurate weighments at high speeds.

Dense Powders

The IPV is designed for packaging heavy, dense, difficult-to-feed powders, and fine granular mixtures in valve bags. Material leakage is minimized by the split felt shaft seals on the impeller shaft. Product is fed to the impeller by integrated dual feed screws.

Open-Mouth Baggers

Typically paper, poly-woven mesh, plastic, or burlap open-mouth bags are filled by placing the open ends over a spout with controlled space for air displacement.

They’re sealed with thread, heat, or pinch seals, and are portioned in two main ways. In gross weighing applications the bag itself is placed on a scale, and when it reaches the appropriate weight the filler stops. In net weighing applications, the product is weighed prior to deposit into the bag.

Gravity feeders allow the product to fall in the bag and be cutoff during transition via gates.

Vibratory feeders assist the flow of difficult product along slight slopes.

Auger packers allow precise feeding of fine and difficult products such as starches and fluidized powders.

Free-flowing products

Mechanical Systems

The OM series is an entry-level solution with adjustable speeds and settings for low and high-density products. It does not require electricity or compressed air, although its OM2A counterpart comes with a pneumatic cutoff gate and bag clamps for reduced laborer strain.

Electronic Systems

The TE 100 is interfaceable with many other scale brands and automatically corrects when final packages are too heavy or light via feedback from checkweighers or x-ray machines.

Net-Weighing Systems

The GN series continuously fills up to 14 bags per minute with operators manually signalling discharge from the bucket. Duplex units fill up to 22 bags per minute and can be interfaced with automatic bag hangers.

Flow-resistant products

Sticky & Irregular Products

The VG series is a vibratory solution which operates at different speeds for particularly difficult materials. It can fill up to 8 bags per minute can has the option to include a belt feeder.

Fluffy, Caking, & Bridging Product

Taylor’s auger solutions come in single and dual-auger models which can fill up to 4 and 6 bags per minute, respectively. Both include product agitators, clean-out doors, and inflatable spouts to ensure positive seals.

Dense & Abrasive Powders

The IPO model is an impeller feeder with felt, split-shaft seals and a feed-screw drive shaft to prevent leakage. They can fill up to 8 bags per minute.

Small Quantities

The TE10 series is an electronic vibratory solution for weighments of 2 oz. to 12 lb. It features a solid-mount, net-weigh bucket to ensure accuracy.

Large Quantities

The VN series can fill up to 10 or 16 bags per minute, depending on the model, and is suitable for fragile materials.

High-Output Systems

Automatic Bag Placers

Taylor’s TOMP model can prepare bags for filling at a rate of 12 per minute. It features a magazine that is reloadable during operation and a small footprint. Learn More.

Robotic Bag Placers

The TRV 1000 is a flexible bag placing solution that can place up to 12 bags per minute on its own conveyor or other equipment. It is able to accommodate single or multiple-spout applications and features a valve pre-opener.

High-Speed Fillers

The RT 7000 model is a net-weigh, gravity-fed solution with a vibratory feature to assist the flow of difficult product. It features automatic calibration and flow gate adjustments and can fill up to 22 bags per minute, depending on the model.

Small Bag Fillers

Capable of packaging liquids, slurries, gels, and dry products, small bagging models are available for container sizes between 2.5 x 3″ and 18 x 36″. Weight capacities range from 0.5 oz to 15 lbs, and rates are available up to 100 cycles per minute depending on the model.

Bulk Bag Fillers

3000 lb. capacity bulk bag fillers feature double-walled spout clamps which hold super sacks in place and vent displaced air, can be NTEP upon request. Learn More.