Truck Scales

Truck Scales

From single-axle to full-trailor, we provide truck scale sales, installation, and calibration for most applications up to 1,000-ton capacities. We offer all related services including repairscheduled maintenance, and start-to-finish project management from small operations to aggregates for the Portland metro and surrounding areas.

Choosing a Manufacturer

Despite the number of manufacturers out there, we only recommend two for the west coast with a few exceptions for specialty applications. It’s our opinion that scales by other manufacturers (namely the larger brands) are too burdened with overhead and features which are only included for perceived value.

Truck, livestock, and mining scales

Rugged & Simple

Recommended for most applications without special requirements


Standard 3/8″, American Steel

Analog Load Cells

Cheap Shipping

Textured Platforms


Wide, Quality Selection

Recommended when detailed data and other features are needed


Large Selection

All Load Cell Types

Sophisticated Data

Numerous Configurations


Rockwell Scales are overbuilt by design and use analog load cells. This means they’re extremely durable, are easy to operate, and are easy to repair and maintain. And coming out of Montana, the shipping is often several thousand dollars cheaper than other offerings.

American steel is less prone to production & source variations which can be responsible for pores in plates and low carbon levels.
Analog load cells last longer than digital and require less maintenance because they’re less complicated and don’t rely on a pin-and-cup design (the edges of pins get rounded off by the cup over time). (The drawback to analog cells is that, like Christmas lights, when one goes out we can’t identify it except by trial and error.)

Rockwell’s paint, rails, safety markers, and materials are all customizable and we can interface different controllers and displays. Another benefit is their textured surfaces (also customizable.) These allow much more reliable grip, whereas the conventional diamond pattern is less than great in the rain.

Rockwell makes full-length scales, axle scales, low-profile, and portable truck scales. They’re used in many industries including weight verification, traffic light scales, and aggregates.


Cardinal is a quality manufacturer that offers more product and technology variations than any other (most scales do come in a 3/8” option). As such, there are too many variations to list, but they include wireless data, in-motion weighing, RFID & IoT integration, and analog, digital, and hydraulic load cells.

Digital load cells are able to transmit more data than just weight, such as cell health.
Hydraulic load cells, for all intents and purposes, are indestructible and come with true lifetime warranties.

Cardinal Scales are almost endlessly customizable save textured surfaces. They’re used in every industry including weight enforcement and aggregates.

Other questions?

Many factors will interact to determine which option is best. Just fill out the form to the best of your ability and we’ll help identify the right ones.

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